Tips for trading Silver and Gold...


Tips for trading Silver and Gold...

Post by Johnkitty » Thu May 13, 2010 12:03 am

For new traders and investors who want to put their money into Silver and Gold, they should have a good basic about markets. Silver Coins and Gold Coins are the basic investments for them to start with when they begin to trade Metals. Also pawn shops and Metals parties are not the good places to deal with.

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Re: Tips for trading Silver and Gold...

Post by BFaber S&C » Fri May 28, 2010 10:03 am

First of all, JK’s tagline is a surety. Tomorrow will come, and being prepared is not just your first, it is your only, means of defense. When all the fiat money in the world is just paper and ink, gold and silver will still be money. It is important to emphasize JK’s point that pawn shops and metals parties are not good places to buy or sell precious metals. Neither are mail-in "money-for-gold" businesses. All of those enterprises take major advantage of the uninformed. However, it must be noted that only BULLION coins should be bought for protection. Speculation in collector coins is fine, so long as you understand it is speculation. When that tomorrow comes that makes having gold and silver coins as a means of survival, people are going to be far more interested in quantity, (weight) not in age and/or beauty. Excellent sources for information on gold and silver can be found at these sites: (and should be followed on a daily basis to understand what is going on.)

There are many other great sources, but these four will have links to the important ones. Again, above all, remember JK’s tagline.


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