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Today's 29/4/13 MCX NCDEX tips

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:20 pm
by falguni gyarsia
Monday, commodity market opens with a high good note. The most important precious metals are going up. The yellow metal surge 18 points while the white metal rose by 0.40% at 45211.00
The base metal changes their position simultaneously. The energy products are showing both the trend. The crude oil and menthe oil looking opposite to each other if one is up then the other one looks down.
For April delivery Zinc, lead, Aluminum, Nickel and Copper all are slipped by near about 0.55 to 2 points against their previous close. Natural gas rose by 1.40 points at Rs. 232.00
As the festive season is going on the demand for the cloths is increasing. Therefore, the Cotton for future contract gains 0.39 percent with a high of 18020.00 and low of 17910.00 and