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Thursday morning market news

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 10:37 pm
by falguni gyarsia
Ncdex Barley was opened at 1347 change in price by 0.67 percent in positive direction. It takes a high of 1364.5 and low of 1345. Its spot price is 1325.75 and best price is 1354.5. Its good to buy it.
In the morning session Chilli for the delivery of 20 August going down 18 points or 0.29 percent to its previous close and Chana for June contract going up. The Jeera, Pepper and Wheat are also showing the same trend as of Chana.
At 11:08 AM suddenly products changes their position the silver converted from green sign to red sign down 19 points and the base metal Nickel drop by 1.50 points at 793.00 and