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11 June 2013 mcx commodities looking bullish,

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:22 pm
by falguni gyarsia
Tuesday, NCDEX red chilli July is looking bearish. Its support is seen at 5912, 5864 and resistance seen at 6099, 6110. Yesterday it was closed at 6000 per quintal up 0.44%, with high: 6088, low: 5922.
It is quite interesting to look at the trend of MCX goods; they are fully focusing on the positive side. The fact is that there is no vast differences has been occurs in the price of commodities.
Today also the precious metals are going up, gold surge 144 points at 28155 and silver surge 18 points at 44180. While the energy products seem to be in green shade. The cotton is in well uptrend. The base metals try to maintain their status. and