Mcx market trading in loss with flat changes

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Mcx market trading in loss with flat changes

Post by moneymaker01 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:45 pm

Mcx gold price has been red and bearish. Currently gold price is trading in a low of 105 pts at 30110 rupees and mcx silver is also red and trading in a low of 266 pts at 48905 rupees in domestic market. Silver and gold prices are moving up and down while they must go to down trend at mcx exchange.
On the other side, in energy commodities, Crude oil price has been trading in also a low of 20 pts at Rs 6412 in the market. Natural gas is red and bearish too. Natural gas has been trading in low of 1.90 pts at 223.70 rupees today. Base metals are also down and low mostly but aluminium just recovered its loss and made profit. To get more click here...


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