Great "Stock & Option Tips" at Chicago Day Traders


Great "Stock & Option Tips" at Chicago Day Traders

Post by vilhiem » Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:34 pm

Hey Guys,

We have a fun & powerfully effective message forum and interactive financial website with a rather simple goal in mind: to avoid all the pumping, bashing or political chatter that's so common on many message boards.

This is a grass-roots developed site to alert fellow investors of potential short-term investments in time to make their own decisions and to hopefully make profitable trades! Too often, many of my fellow investors and friends discuss these ideas "after the fact" … even though some of us had the "tip" early on. Ideally … this group will keep everyone informed earlier in the process.

And it's much more, including:
Live News Feeds, Robust Message Forum, Live "ChatBox" tool for discussing fast-moving stocks, dynamic calendars (Economic, Earnings, etc.), members Trade tracking updated live (so you could shadow other investors), training videos, etc.

No charge for membership! But you will need to 'Register' to access the information.

We're still new … have about 100 members … and growing. Hopefully you'd be interested in helping make this an effective tool to identify potential money-making stocks BEFORE they rise. So please let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

That said … check us out if interested at:



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