Some Learning Tips for Traders

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Some Learning Tips for Traders

Post by MrLiketoLearn » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:45 am

I enjoy investing in the stock market and am a long-time subscriber to Stocks and Commodities Magazine. I have some Tips for new traders that may be of interest.

1. Get a subscription to stocks and commodities magazine. For a beginner, this may be a little advanced, so in addition to this I would suggest the following.
2. Read some great investing websites, like investopedia and my favorite one that got me started was Liberated Stock Trader. They have some excellent Free Stock Market Courses ... -training/ and the PRO Stock Market Training that was mentioned in TASC Mag in Sept 2011
3. When you choose the right stock market software, TASC Magazine do a yearly readers poll, which is extremely helpful, and there are details Stock Market Analysis Reviews here ... re-review/.
4. Also read books, TASC magazine always has a book review which is great. For a historical list of the best books see ... ks-review/

5. Start to understand the Stock Market by reading Top 10 Tips for beginners guide ... beginners/
6. Finally a more advanced Stock Market Strategy Guide ... -strategy/

There is a lot of great free stuff on the web, but Stocks & Commodities Magazine is what the advanced investors use to provoke thought and advanced strategy development.

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